"VSSHS:The Movie" is a film based on the series of VSSHS and premieres on December 28, 2012. The plot and cast are below and everyone is free to edit as they like.


Riley Ali as Alec Winston

Jon Arnellius as Max Cortes

Lyss as Nini Nicholson

Sinayara as Bella York

Helena Mary Arnellius as Helen Winston

Nikki Ann Junes as Millie Winston

DeAngela Jean as Sydney Winston

Sal Jack as Marcelo of Scotland

Noah Keele as King York of Ireland


It's Christmas vacation and the one question that has struck Alec's mind is this: Where is Bella? When Millie blabs to Alec and Max about Bella's location, the boys take Sydney's car and drive to the airport and hitch a ride on a private jet to Ireland, Bella's location, and discover a very big surprise...SHE'S A PRINCESS!!!!! All told by her dad, the king of a distant part in Ireland. Alec sees Bella but with another guy, a snobbish prince named Marcelo, who is 3 years older than the 13-year-olds. Marcelo gets romantic around Bella, which makes Alec very jealous but he and Max are eventually caught by Sydney and Helen after Millie accidentally tells them about their location. Sydney tries to console Alec for his jealousy after he almost fights Marcelo and Bella eventually breaks up with Alec afterwards. Which makes it even worse is that Bella decides to stay in Ireland as a princess and Alec lets her go.


  • When filming this movie, Avery Jack wasn't auditioned for the role yet, which is why she wasn't seen in the movie.
  • Sinayara will make one last appearance in Season 3, but is seen in flashbacks. This movie is the explanation for her disappearance.