The Ally & Holly Blog is a TV Show Series about two girls (Alexis Poppilitition and Lana Vertianne) who create a blog about fashion and overcome friendship obstacles along the way. This show was inspired by iCarly. This show was originally called Fashion Girlz.



Ally Walter by Alexis Poppilitition

Holly Marjanaz by Lana Vertianne

Mario Reynolds by Hernando Devallio


Marcy DeKirk as Penny the Kickliner

Jan Edwards Ian as Charlene the cheerleader

Petra Massie as Principal Trudy


Ally Walter and her brother Sam Walter become newbies at West Appleton High School and Ally encounters Holly Marjanaz when she is bullied by a bunch of cheerleaders. Mario is the first person she meets and Holly becomes her best friend who helped her get through think and thin, even when the head cheerleader's brother hacked into their blog, "The Fashion Blog". The gang (Ally, Mario, and Holly) stick together when Ally meets Alec Winston for the first time in their crossover, "Alec's New Blog-Friend".