Some attributes
First DOB- September 20, 1998

Age- 14

Second Birthplace- Farnaga, SV

Height- 4'9

Third Genres- pop rock, country, soft rock, electro-dance pop
Other attributes
Fourth Years active- 2010-present
Fifth Associated Acts- Lyss, Riley Ali, Coby Schnitzer, Alison Junes Schnitzer, Helena Mary Arnellius, Jon Arnellius, Avery Jack

Sinayara Louise Schnitzer (September 20, 1998) is an imaginary actress, singer, and dancer who currently stars as Bella York in VSSHS. She is known for other movie roles such as Sinayara Meets LHOTP, where she stars as a country-version of herself and perform "This World is Also Mine".

--Early Life--

Sinayara, which means "holy mountain" in her family's native language, is the second youngest in her family, with her older sister Alison, baby sister Cassi, and eldest brother Coby, but rarely talks about her half-brother Eugene, whom her family despises. Sinayara got her start as an acting prodigy when she performed in a Kidz Rock music video from "Bring the Fire", with her new co-worker and friend Riley Ali.

"Kidz Rock:360 Degrees, Bring the Fire" Dancer/Singer "VSSHS"

Bella York

"Sandy and Nicky" 12-year-old Nicky
"Sinayara Meets LHOTP" Sinayara Charleston
"Frenemies: Friends or Enemies" Sally Rochelle St. Andrews
"VSSHS:The Movie" Bella York
"Who's the Killer?" Avery St. Marcella
"The Calm Road Boys" Jayne Devereaux
"The Teen Years"

Dani James

"The DeMeerie Show" Herself, performing "Kids of America"
"Hey, Cindy"


"This World is Also Mine" 2011
"Kids of America" 2012
"Kids of America (Remix)" 2012