This is season 2 of The Calm Road Boys. It runs from April 11, 2014 to TBA 2015. A movie is undecided. Sinayara may become a main character in this season.



Dillion Jolt as Joey Chinzelli

Jay LuEtta as Jerry Perez

Ron MacDeelone as Xander Chrysanthemum

Joe FiTeega as Leo Heinz-Valentina


Annelie Jones as Joelle Devereaux

Reegal as Uncle Maury

(Undecided on position)

Sinayara as Jayne Devereaux


"Welcome to High School, Orphan"- April 11, 2014

The gang and Jayne join ninth grade and face Jayne's sister's reputation.

"Beat of My Grades"- April 18, 2014

Joey may face disciplinary consequences when his guidance counselor sends home his report card to Uncle Maury.

"Joey vs. Stella McPerk"- May 9, 2014

Joey accidentally challenges himself to Stella McPerk.

"Happy Joey-Jayne Anniversary!"- May 16, 2014

It's been one year that Joey and Jayne had been a couple.

"Dude, Where's the Fugitive?"- May 30, 2014

An convict gets out of prison and holds the Calm Road Boys hostage.

"The Calm Road to the Future"- June 13, 2014

The future version of Xander comes to the present day to stop Xander from creating his time machine.