This is Season 1 of The Helena Mary Arnellius Show. It runs from TBA 2014 to TBA 2014/2015.


Helena Mary Arnellius as Helena Maria Arnold

Coby Schnitzer as Coby Sycamore

Lyss as Lynn Carter

Riley Ali as Riley Ray Oscar

Sinayara as Cindy Weston

Nikki Ann Junes as Charlene Caravelle

Elissa Mae Junes as Carla Caravelle


"Don't Remind Lynn Who's the Boss!"- TBA 2014

Lynn's stubborn and strict behavior on the Club may have an impact on their boss Alec when he has to take a personal day and he assigns Lynn head of the Club.

"That Horrible Song Lynn Will Never Admit to Herself"- TBA 2014

Trying to save a popular boy band, Lynn writes a song that sorta matches their personality but the lyrics are not-so-great. However, no one is able to get Lynn to admit to herself that she wrote a bad song.

"The Groovy McSmoothie Parlor Strike"- TBA 2014

Their worst nightmare has come: the Groovy McSmoothie Parlor is going on strike due to unfair treatment from the king and without the Parlor, the kids have nowhere to hangout.

"The Awards Show Scandal"- TBA 2014

The gang's show is nominated for an award but all of a sudden, the show is framed for exposing the school to reality-related situations. Now the gang must work together to keep their show from ending on a short note.

"Wa-Wa-Wa-Wok It Up!"- TBA 2014

A drunk Helena sings karoake at the Parlor but accidentally makes out with another guy unknown to Coby. Meanwhile, Lynn deals with a Korean songwriting prodigy who seems to be stealing ideas from Lynn.

"My Movie Boyfriend"- TBA 2014

After a long trip in Lang Drikka, Lynn meets an actor her age who seems to think of her more than just a friend.

"Cindy Dates Riley"- TBA 2014

To help Riley get over Rachel, Cindy goes on a date with Riley and unfortunately, Riley thinks Cindy was jealous of him and Rachel.

"Difference Between the Caravelles"- TBA 2014