Riley Ali
Some attributes
First DOB- December 24, 1998

Age- 14

Second Birthplace- Water's Harbor, SV

Height- 5'3

Third Genres- Soft Rock, Catch Rap, Dance-pop
Other attributes
Fourth Associated Acts- Ryan DeMeerie, Rachel Anne DeMeerie, Lyss, Sinayara, Jon Arnellius, Avery Jack, Helena Mary Arnellus
Fifth Religions- Hindi, Mortalist
Riley Ryan Sintipelle Ali (December 24, 1998) is an imaginary actor, singer, and dancer who stars in VSSHS.

--Early Life--

Ali was born into a mixed family, with his mom being Puerto Rican and his dad Indian, and was raised as a Hindu. But on March 16, 2005, a tsunami hit his hometown, making him an orphan, which he tried to keep from his best friend Ryan DeMeerie but failed when it got onto the news. he was adopted by his now manager and television producer Alec Parker. He first starred as one of the dancers and "singers" in Kidz Rock, in the music video of "Bring the Fire". Now, he spends the rest of his teenhood on the show VSSHS as Alec Winston, a supposed parody of Alec Parker.

Kidz Rock:360 Degrees, "Bring the Fire" Dancer/ Singer "My Life, My Dream" Chester McCall
"Wilfred" Wilfred W. Montgomery
"Zolie's My Ghost"

Xantiar Gomez

"Frenemies: Friends or Enemies" Lucas Browne
"Wilfred 2: Wilfred's Bright Future" Wilfred W. M. Miracle
"Jingle Bells" Xantiar Gomez
"VSSHS" Alec G. Winston
"VSSHS: The Movie" Alec G. Winston
"A Dragon's Lite" Himself
"Arigela" Ari Samuels
"Camp Myth"

Jerry Jenkins

Song Album

Release Date

"Oh, Whoa, Yeah!" Non-album song December 14, 2011
"I'm a Falcon!" VSSHS: Soundtrack June 5, 2012
"PARTY" Talent Takeover: Junior Edition, VSSHS: Soundtrack October 8, 2013, June 5, 2012
"Dancing Crazy" VSSHS: Big in the City August 2, 2012
"Big in the City" VSSHS: Big in the City August 2, 2012

"Courage/PARTY Mashup"

VSSHS: Big in the City, VSSHS: Soundtrack August 2, 2012, June 5, 2012
"You'll Always Be in My Heart" Talent Takeover: Junior Edition, VSSHS: Freshman Year October 8, 2013, TBA 2014
"PARTY (Solo)" Talent Takeover: Junior Edition October 8, 2013
"Kids of America" Non-album song March 3, 2013