Eleanor Kinerra "Nori" Karamoto-Zhou (August 4, 1997), mostly known as Nori Karamoto,is an imaginary actress, singer, and a real life anesama girl. Her first appearance was in a Korean game show called "Can You Beat It?". Karamoto was then promoted to a Scardivillian minimovie called "Koketsu Ni Irazunba Koji Wo Ezu". She is French, Italian, Japanese and is a little part Puerto Rican.

Personal LifeEdit

Karamoto was three when her mother gave her up for adoption and was then sent to foster homes. Because this disappointed her, she decided to live on the streets as a beggar.

"Can You Beat It?" Anesama girl
"Koketsu Ni Irazunba Koji Wo Ezu" Ari Sasaki

"The DeMeerie Show"

"Saru mo ki Kara Ochiru"

June Hashiraa-Garcia

"The Tegan & Sara Show" Uniya Zu