Mally (Ma/rio and A/lly) is the fromantic pairing between Mario Reynolds and Ally Walter in The Ally & Holly Blog. Below are some moments the duo had with each other.


Episode- "Ally Meets Holly"

Mario- Hey newbie!

Ally- How did you know?

Mario- Nobody owns that locker.

Ally- Oh, (smiling) so you're ninth grader like me?

Mario- Obviously. I'm Mario Reynolds.

Ally- Hey Mario, I'm Alejandra Walter.

Mario- So I see your talent.

Ally- What talent?

Mario- Afterschool, walk down that aisle of lockers and answer when you see a bunch of cheerleaders notice you. Then you'll see.

Ally- Okay.

Mario- See ya around, Alejandra.

Ally- Call me Ally.

Mario- Okay, Ally



"Ally Meets Holly"

  • Mario is the first person to notice Ally and they become friends.
  • Ally tells Mario to call her by her nickname.
  • Mario tells Ally goodbye with a smirk.
  • Ally smiles when Mario talks to her.

"Ally and Holly Become Caterers"

  • Mario seemed impressed when Ally announces that she and Holly got a job at Carlita's Lounge.
  • When Ally passes Mario's table to take Charlene's order, it almost looks like he's checking her out.
  • When Ally and Holly show up in their uniform, Mario seems to be staring at Ally.

"Alec's New Blog-Friend"

  • When Ally announces the arrival of her boyfriend Alec, Mario seems to frown in sense of jealousy.