Mallec (Ma/x and A/lec) is the fromantic pairing of Alec Winston and Max Cortes.They have been friends since seventh grade and so on. Their friendship is the most sacred shipping of all the shippings in VSSHS. Below are some lines and moments and songs that support their friendship.

--Moments of Season 1--

Episode- "Not-So-South Falcons!"

Max: Hey you, new 'round here?

Alec: Yeah, name's Alec. I come from North Carolina. You?

Max: Maxwell, but call me Max. I got here week ago from Guatemala.

Alec: Cool, an exchange.

Max: Eh, history's history. Hey, wanna meet my new hangout?

Alec: Sure.

Max: Yo look, it's Principal Sedners's car.

Alec: Hey, watcha doin'? You don't go to a principal's car...without car freshner! (pulling out car freshner)

Max: Dude, you born in a lab or something?