Some attributes
First DOB- December 31, 1998

Age- 14

Second Birthplace- Long Island, New York

Height- 5'1

Third Genres- Pop Rock, Soft Rock, Dance-pop
Other attributes
Fourth Years active- 2007-present

Associated Acts- Riley Ali, Sinayara, Jon Arnellius, Helena Mary Arnellius

Fifth Religions- Hindi, Muslim
Alyssa Sita "Lyss" Ramroop (December 31, 1998) is an actual aspiring songwriter, author, and singer who stars in VSSHS.

--Early Life--

Lyss was born with a hearing impairment and had trouble focusing in school, which led to her bullied by her peers and whom she thought were her "friends". Her life as an aspiring actress and writer began in fourth grade in a lesson of creative writing. "I thought it was boring," Lyss states, "but as soon as I wrote 'Alice and the Magical Stone', I knew who I will become." She began her life as an artist in the CMA, Children's Museum of the Arts, and became a rapid sensation when Alec Parker saw her potential in her first big break in ANALEXIA, or Analexia. At the age of 12, she and her family moved to Valley Stream, where she got the role of Nini Nicholson in VSSHS. In third grade, she was diagnosed with dyslexia, which she later discovered in the eighth grade.


Lana Singh, 2007-2009

The Joey Show Herself, 2010-2011
"The Tegan & Sara Show" Lyss Rami, 2014-etc.
Rockstar Side of Me

Lyssie Taylor, 2011-2011

VSSHS Alyssa Anne "Nini" Nicholson, 2011-present
Wilfred Giana Andrews, 2012
VSSHS: The Movie Nini Nicholson, 2012
Rock the World (cancelled) Teena Russell, 2012
Who is the Killer?

Marilyn "Lynn" Sharma, 2012

Through Lana Hedrick Anna Lee Dooley, 2012
Avalon and Josie Tricia Rami, 2012


Vicki Turner, 2013-present (recurring)

"It's Not So Ordinary" 2010 "You

Could Be My Friend"

"I'm a Falcon!" , ft. Riley Ali 2011
"Turn It Up (Up and Away!)" 2012
"Feels Like Spring"


"Kids of America" 2012
"Watch Me, Watch You"


"Courage", ft. Ryan DeMeerie


"Courage/PARTY MAsh-Up", ft. Riley Ali and Ryan DeMeerie 2012
"Break Us Apart"


"Big in the City" 2012


"Imagine That" 2013
"Top of the World" 2013
"Just like Me" 2014