Lana Vertianne
Some attributes
First DOB- March 27, 1999

Age- 14

Second Birthplace- Elizabeth, NJ

Height- 4'7

Third Genres- Soft Rock, Country
Other attributes
Fourth Years active- 2012-present
Fifth Associated Acts- Riley Ali, Alexis Poppilitition, Hernando Devallio, Dillion Jolt, Jay LuEtta, Sinayara
Lauren Kylie Rose "Lana" de Garcia-Vertianne (March 27, 1999) is an imaginary actress and singer who stars as Holly Marjanaz in The Ally & Holly Blog.

--Early Life--

Born into a strict Mormon family though, Vertianne's family let her fall out of their traditions and Vertianne was then converted into a Mortalist. She was always active in sports and recreation as a child and almost made it into the finals of her school's championship game in the sport of soccer. She took practice into the fashion industry in a fashion contest in her neighborhood. When she won first place, she got to be a part of the Alec Parker Production, where Alec Parker, founder of his company, ended up giving Vertianne the role of Holly in "The Ally & Holly Blog". Therefore, Vertianne became the first African-American female to become a part of the performing arts industry in Scardivillia.

"The Ally & Holly Blog" Holly Marjanaz "Shake What You Want" Fernanda D'Agostino
"Bad Girls Don't Die" Kasey Warren
"Ghost Chill" 2013

"Yell It On the Rooftop"