"Koketsu Ni Irazunba Koji Wo Ezu" ("You can't do anything without risking something" in Japanese) is a minimovie starring Lyss, Avery Jack. Riley Ali, Sinayara, Nikki Ann Junes/Elissa Mae Junes, Nori Karamoto, and Cameria Schnitzer. It was set to air on August 19/20/21, 2013. The airdate is unsure with the slashes. "This was supposed to be the turning point of my dreams...I've decided being an actress would be too much for my singing talent so I stuck with something I could enjoy for the rest of my life," says Lyss.


Akari "Ari" Sasaki is the daughter of accountant Hideki Sasaki, who makes no money by ripping off passerbies on the streets. When Ari wants to fulfill her dream of being an anesama girl but her father wants her to persue in banking. Disappointed at her father's disapproval, Ari sees a tour bus broken down in the middle of the road besides her uncle Masaru Sasaki's failing deli. Out of the bus comes Lynn, Ava Jackson, Riley Alberts, Cindy, their chaperone Cammie and little Girl Scout Penelope. Ari asks the kids to help her fulfill her dream of being an anesama girl and Lynn tries to incorporate her profession of one day owning a karaoke club to promote her singing talent. Together the gang and Ari try to crack down a serial killer mystery and save Sapporo from drowning in debt.


Lyss as Lynn

Avery Jack as Ava Jackson

Riley Ali as Riley Alberts

Sinayara as Cindy

Cameria Schnitzer as Cammie

Nikki Ann Junes/Elissa Mae Junes as Penelope

Nori Karamoto as Ari

TBA as Hideki Sasaki

TBA as Masaru Sasaki