Jon Arnellius
Some attributes
First DOB- March 26, 1997

Age- 15

Second Birthplace- Ever Empire, SV

Height- 5'6

Third Genres- Dance-pop
Other attributes
Fourth Years active- 2009-present
Fifth Associated Acts- Riley Ali, Sinayara, Lyss, Helena Mary Arnellius
Jonswells Arthur "Jon" Arnellius (March 26, 1997) is an imaginary actor, singer who stars as Max Cortes in VSSHS.

--Early Life--

Jon Arnellius started his career as an actor when he almost auditioned for "The Joey Show". He and his sister Helena then discovered their talents when Alec Parker booked them an audition for VSSHS and now are very famous. He sang a few songs but not much of a singer as an actor.


Max Cortes

"Frenemies: Friends or Enemies" Will Burns
"VSSHS: The Movie"

Max Cortes

"Golden Roomies" Damien Karl
"Shake What You Want" Jack Carson
"Through Lana Hedrick"

Pablo de la Carla

"The British and the American Nerd" Jose Pascal
"Twist My Hips" 2011 "Big in the City" ft. Riley Ali, Lyss 2012
"Kids of Britain" (parody of "Kids of America") ft. Lyss, Firentenine Annabella Arkeino 2012
"TBA" 2013


* Jon and Helena Mary Arnellius are a year apart.

  • Jon and Helena Mary Arnellius follow a Mexican descent.
  • Jon and Helena Mary Arnellius are cousins of Addy and Kayla McCoy-Ortiz, who star as cameos in VSSHS.