Helena Mary Arnellius
Some attributes
First DOB-February 16, 1998


Second Birthplace- Scardivillian's Hospital, SV

Height- 5'3

Third Years active- 2009-present

Associated Acts- Sinayara, Lyss, Avery Jack, Jon Arnellius, Coby Schnitzer, Riley Ali

Other attributes
Fourth Religion(s)- Mortalist, Demoripilian (former)
Helena Mary Arnellius (Febuary 16, 1998) is an imaginary actress/singer who currently stars in VSSHS. She will be co-starring in The Helena Mary Arnellius Show.

--Personal Life--

Living with her single mother and older brother/actor Jon Arnellius, Arnellius got the role of Helen Winston anonymously by Alec Parker the same day Jon got his role as Max Cortes. As a young girl though, she was introduced to prostitution when her mother turn twenty (Helena age 2) and her mother got a job as a prostitute. Their lives were saved by Parker when they got roles in VSSHS. "I never thought my life would have come to this," states an eleven-year-old Helena to Imagine Celebrities. In fourth grade, she was home-schooled due to sexual abuse in a school of her religion. Helena's quinceneara is set on March 16, 2013.


Helen Winston

"Who's the Killer?" Young Sylvia Sinclair
"The Helena Mar

y Arnellius Show"

Helena Maria Arnolds