"Dark Revenge" is a single by Lyss and is in Dark Revenge (Album) soundtrack. It's a dark, contemporary song about heartbreak.



Tis the time where the Court of Darkness take their life

To learn and focus the case of love,

A case no human has endured before and so lonely we become

To a demon's choice of diction...

[Verse 1]

Come on, let's focus!

It's not hocus-pocus!

The forces are coming

So you better start running!

Let's go, we're almost out of time

Before the darkness takes us down...

Take us down...


My heart is pounding,

Keeps on resounding!

I hear it calling me,

I turn around and he's right before me!


Can't resist the pain that you're giving me!

Now while I plan your dark revenge,

All my emotions will play pretend onto your heart!

You can't get away from the mistakes and heartbreak

You had given me!

Now I plan your dark revenge, into the darkest hour of this planet...

And I can't rewind the memories that you and I had shared

And I won't (I won't!) forgive you for the life I had ended up with!


[Verse 2]

We lived the battle

But we still got the war in our hands!

What's the plan?

We come at the dark of night to bring the forces at light!

At last, they come with their powerful tool,

The tool to break this pool,

This pool that keeps the Dark Revenge...



(Dark Revenge, stay as we plan your...) (3x)

Dark Revenge, this is your Lyss speaking!

I pray upon your walls of forgiveness!

We call for attention to break away all the tension!

Gimme your arms and you can bring my heart!

Show him who's hurt and let him know

That I will be heard and your karma will be defeated!

Don't rebell 'cause only time will tell who you really fooling!

So who are you and what are you trying to prove?

('Cause you're nothing to me!)

Why, why are you trying to play?

(Like everything is on me!)

Oh! (2x)

Stay as we plan your Dark Revenge!

Chorus (2x)

(Dark Revenge, stay as we plan your...) (6x)

Dark Revenge, let him stay as I plan his Dark Revenge!

Tis the night that has fallen for as day shines on everything,

Reveal what it must and the true victim are of love and possession...

(Dark Revenge...)