Bobbikshkikilosa is a live-action/puppetry TV Series. It's about a girl who, rebelling against her overprotective parents, moved to Manhattan, New York, and discovers that her apartment building location is enchanted and filled of creatures.



Jenily DeVennas as Rosetta Cruz

Cherie Serado as Fairee Gudmettlere

Jesse Goodmann as Wally the Doorman


Lyss as Vicki Turner

Deirdre G. as Camille Tess

Alexis Poppilitition as Molly Ferns

Jon Arnellius as Hernando Cruz


"Nanny at 10B"- TBA 2014

Rosie Cruz gets kicked out of cab after realizing that she has no money for the ride. She then sees an apartment building called Bobbikshkikilosa, and enters to see Veekrishta "Vicki" Ali Turner standing before her, showing Rosie to her room. Vicki then tells Rosie that "imaginations are real". Rosie then believes her when she sees that her apartment is exactly what her dream was when she was eight years old. Staying there, Rosie meets Molly Ferns, her neighbor's nanny, and notices something suspicious about her. She seems alien-like to Rosie and Rosie is determined to find out what it is.