"Believe" is a single written by Lyss and was inspired by Cher Bono and Broadway.


(indistinct dialogue)

(Lyss dressed as Cher comes and disturbs dialogue)

Lyss in British accent: What do you mean, we can't make it in America because of our differences? If you want something, then fight for it. Don't just stand there and watch the crowd. Perez, toca el piano!

(Music starts, vocalization)




You're standing on the edge...

There's only one way up for your heart to go!

Now stand your ground

'Cause the road ain't smooth...


Just believe and release

The power God had given you!

Be alive and revive

'Cause the world has been waiting for that chance for you...

Just believe!

You're on the line,

With the strength to bind,

Oh the emotions can't hide!

Just remember what I've always told you,

"Stand your ground,

'Cause the road ain't smooth!"

Chorus (2x)

(Between choruses, Lyss goes through a changing room and comes out a beauty queen, with the dress saying 'QUEER BELIEVER')

The bright lights of Broadway are no match for your glow!

The critics can't believe that Burlesque couldn't beat your show!

(She drops down to the audience and sits with the critics, as each one of them lipsyncs what she is saying)

If Selena sees this, then-

She shall not believe,

That a prodigy's playing the lead part of the Pattridge Family...

(The scene switches to the first part of the MV, where Lyss says...)

Now stand your ground

'Cause the road ain't that smooth!

Chorus (4x)

Music VideoEdit

While the video is being filmed, the parantheses in the Lyrics Section shows the cues of the music video, mostly taking place in either Chicago or New York. Maurice Perez and Chevski Maron star in this. Lyss stars as the "Lady Gaga" of the video.