Avery Jack
Some attributes
First DOB- April 3, 1998

Age- 15

Second Birthplace- Melissa & Melinda's Place, SV

Height- 4'9

Third Genres- Country, Dance-pop
Other attributes
Fourth Years active- 2010-present

Associated Acts- Lyss, Jon Arnellius, Helena Mary Arnellius, Riley Ali, Rachel Anne DeMeerie, Sinayara, Asia

Fifth Religion(s)- Mortalism, Christian
Avery Marie Jacqueline Jack IV (April 3, 1998) is an imaginary actress and martial artist who stars as Lilli Cruz in VSSHS. She is the middle of three children and had harsh experiences as child.

--Early Life--

Born on her mother's aunt's business's 5th anniversary, the young martial artist/actress wasn't who she was right now. Growing up, she was interested in writing poems and eventually started singing it with a rhythm. At the tender age of twelve, her father died in a car wreck, leaving her the middle with one parent. She started doing martial arts when her older brother told how harsh his school life was because he didn't know how to fight. Determined, Jack enrolled herself in martial arts classes and with her talents, Alec Parker accepted her in for the second season of VSSHS as Lilli Cruz, a tough tomboy with a romantic heart.

"Jacky Boy" 2012
"Kids of America" 2012
"Blow the System" 2013
"Give a Little Say (Ooh, Whoa, Yeah!)" 2013
"Love's Unbearable" 2013
"Ready or Not" 2013
"This is the Dance War" 2013
"Freedom Heart" 2013
"Twister (Yeah, You Treat It!)" ft. Riley Ali 2013
"New Me" 2013
"VSSHS" 2012-present
"VSSHS: The Movie" 2012
"Golden Roomies" 2013
"The Helena Mary Arnellius Show" 2014