Averiley (Aver/y and R/iley) is the fromantic pairing of Avery Jack and Riley Ali. They have been friends since 2011, when they started working as Lilli and Alec in VSSHS.

Avery's Opinion of RileyEdit

Avery sees Riley as an aspiring prodigy and a great friend to hang out with. They weren't so close before but as their show progressed, so did they. Avery believes her relationship with Ali is professional. The two were never close at the beginning until Jack started dating Jon Arnellius for almost seven months and after the breakup, she and Riley became friends. Even though they are close, Jack still considers their relationship professional.

Riley's Opinion of AveryEdit

To Riley, Avery is just a friend and inspired Ali to provoke Sinayara to write the song "Just a (Boy)Friend". After his breakup with Rachel Anne DeMeerie, Jack was there to be his shoulder and the two decided to do a cover duet with one of Ali's favorite songs.


  • Both speak another language(s). (Avery speaks Korean, Urdu, Japanese, Spanish, Haitian Creole, and French. Riley speaks Spanish, French, Hindi, and Italian.)
  • Both are born on the same year.
  • Both auditioned for VSSHS on the same day.