"Apocalypse" (Stylized APOCALYPSE!) is a single mixed by Lynn Sherri Cuzmond and sung by Lyss and Jon Arnellius. It is in the Sherri track and NYE '13 track.



Yea we taking over!

The world is in our control

And yea we may not have the riches

You and I devour-oh!

(Prechorus) (Lyss, then Lynn and Jon)

Beat the camera!

(I can't-)

Take it any


Need that

Music and we're gonna break it down!

Break it down! (3x)


It's the danceoff!

We bringing our best players!

Prepare for takeoff!

Where u going, we need ya!

It's the best time of the year

And I don't wanna end in tears!

We ending off on the apocalypse!


So what, take a breath!

It's only you and me!

Uh-huh, I know!

It's the end of the world!

And now, you should know!

It's the end of era!



(Jon, Lyss)

It's apocalypse!

Why don't you take a glimpse?


We're taking control

And you're gonna be our safety patrol!




Chorus (3x)

Apocalypse! (4x)

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Meaning Behind SongEdit

Cuzmond first made the music for it a few years back and when Lyss heard it, she added lyrics to it and infused some of Arnellius's vocals with hers.