Alexis Poppilitition
Some attributes
First DOB- November 14, 1998

Age- 14

Second Birthplace- Parrot's Cove, SV

Height- 5'2

Third Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth Years active- 2006-present
Fifth Associated Acts- Lyss, Lana Vertianne, Jon Arnellius
Alexis Marie Amber Poppilitition (November 14, 1998) is an imaginary actress, and dancer who stars as Ally Walter in The Ally & Holly Blog.

--Early Life--

Alexis was born into a Mormon fmaily but was raised Christian growing up. She assisted her older sister Marcina in the fashion industry and that's how Alec Parker got Poppilitition a role as nerdy Ally Walter in The Ally & Holly Blog. "Being Ally would be like working with Marcina but twice the fun," she states, "because Ally and Holly work together as a team to fulfill their dreams as fashion designers. But i guess my personality is just like Holly becuase she always stand up for who she is and will never back down." She also reveals that her actual surname Poppilitition was short for Poppititititlikyuiontionaz.

"The Ally & Holly Blog"

Ally Walter

"VSSHS" Kristine Pazzi, Ally Walter
"Oli and R


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"Shake What You Want" Sammie Remoira
"Summer of Fun 2: Return of the Twins" Felicia Wesley